Mission Statement

Universal Taste’s mission started in 1997  by providing sustenance and help to the livelihood of the Amazonian rural communities in Igarape Mirin, Belem do Para , Brazil, focusing in the preservation of the forest, educating the natives in respecting the environment by helping those communities  learning how to produce quality products to the world, by taking full management over the Cooperative using their Local sustainable support office Poematec and University of Para located in Igarape Mirim , financing it, rebuilding  & Upgrading  that facility into GMP, HACCP and Organic Certified operation starting a production of the Organic Acai Frozen Pulp in 1999 with  a full quality  controlled  production of the first  Acai Frozen Puree ever exported overseas.

Universal Taste’s products and ideas have been selected and organized according to environmental, economical and social criteria of sustainability. We are committed to supplying the world with only the best natural, ecological and fair-trade products with transparency.


Our Company – We Care!

Universal Taste  founded in 1999, with the end goal of producing and supplying 100% purest Organic Nutrients from the wild  to the world. President Guilherme C. Moreira started his research on the Açai fruit, known by the  Amazonian natives as “The Milk of the Amazon", and other super fruits as Camu-camu, Buriti, Cuapucu,  two years before creating the company. He discovered that açai was considered to be the most nutritious of the Rainforest fruits with the highest concentration of antioxidants ever found in nature, and also packed with Omega 3 and 6, Anthocyanins * Polyphenols*, Essential Fatty Acids, Calcium and Vitamin E; eventually Camu-camu fruit was found to be the number one source of Vitamin C and some Vital Minerals , having up to 30 times more vitamin C than Acerola Berry, 50 times more than Oranges .

Guilherme also noted that açai was popular in the Amazon regions consumed daily by natives, eventually in the sports world in Brazil among athletes and wanted to Introduce to the United States a product that gave natural energy combined with Sustainable Ideas.  He was  concerned with the environment; he wanted to make sure that the trees were not damaged in the process, and respect was shown by protecting the environment and helping the natives of these rural areas. In 2001 Açai Power was introduced to the United States as a frozen Acai sorbet. It had a positive feedback starting in Late 2002, with many American athletes and health conscious consumers taking notice of the super Antioxidant fruit. It has appeared in various health magazines and many articles have been featured on the benefits of this delicious exotic fruit. Was also part of the sustainable project created by Guilherme, making sure some Key companies in North America  were part of this challenge and started promoting his project being part of some Key Natural Food Trade shows in North America ( Expo-West Anaheim CA 1999 – 2000 , Fancy Food Show NY 2000, Expo-East Baltimore 2001-2002, Supply Side West Vegas 2001-2002 and others years after ) presenting and inviting some Key companies ( Naked Juice , Sunopta * Organic Ingredients * , Bossa Nova, Sambazon, Monavie, Frutzo, Crofters and other) to the Amazon Rain Forest for a better understanding of  his project of creating Sustainable work in order to preserve the Eco-system at the same time studying the human body needs with the idea to bring from the wild the  Organic Vital Nutrients to consumers, the * Door-to-Door Nutrients * from the Wild to the consumers table.

Late 2003 after researches in Food technology Guilherme found the process of Lyophilization to be Key in preserving Vital Nutrients in a forma of Powder ( Freeze Dry Powders )  Vitamin C with all types of Antioxidants and other nutrients could be processed into Freeze Dried Powder as another way aside of Frozen Puree, he contacted Liotecnica Company in Sao Paulo Brazil for the development of the First ever produced Organic Acai Freeze Dried Powder and later Camu-camu Freeze Dried Powder .

Nowadays his company Universal Taste maintain the ideas growing with the supply of  the Organic raw Nutrients from the wild to the World Market helping the juice manufacturers and Nutraceutical applications with products being produced under guaranteed quality controlled procedures and certifications required by our present market.

Universal Taste’s mission is to partner with other companies to promote high quality products that bring along with them an awareness of the importance of our environment.

We Dedicate Our Project to our Friend Carlos Lobo (right) who passed way on dec.2000