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Before the city of Belem was built, an Indian tribe used to live there. Because the food was very scarce, the chief of the tribe named Itaki, demanded that all the children would be sacrificed, including his granddaughter, daughter of Iaca. In a full moon night, Iaca heard a child’s cry. She approached the door of her tipi, and he saw her little smiling daughter close to a beautiful palm tree. At the beginning she got static, but later on, she ran to her and held her tightly. Mysteriously her daughter disappeared.

Her body was found holding the Acai tree with a smile on her face. Her dark eyes were staring at the top of the Acai palm tree, which gave birth to the black palm berry fruits. Itaki then demanded all the Indians to get the fruits, obtaining a reddish wine that was baptized Acai, in tribute to his daughter (Iaca inverted name). He fed his people and after this day, he suspended the order to SACRIFICE ALL KIDS FROM HIS TRIBE.